Streamlined digital communication

A platform for both landlords and tenants


  • Requirements engineering
  • Software architecture
  • App development
  • Web development


  • iOS
  • Android
  • Web
A platform for both landlords and tenants

Our client is a provider of software for the real-estate industry with a proven track record and significant market footprint. Within the scope of a new cloud strategy, the company wanted to expand its portfolio to include a product for more efficient communication between facility managers and their customers. We were tasked with developing corresponding client applications, a Web portal and a smartphone app for iOS and Android.

In an iterative process, we collaborated with the client’s product management team to describe the requirements in more detail, and define functional specifications – and to subsequently implement them. A key imperative was the integration of the new platform into legacy CRM and ERP systems.

For example, we enabled end-users to create new tickets within the existing ticketing system, by means of a messenger program (similar to WhatsApp or iMessage). The function is highly intuitive; the formalities and specialist jargon typically used by facility managers remain “hidden” from the users.

Facility managers throughout Germany now employ the platform to communicate with all stakeholders, and to provide documents and reports to owners and investors. Many manual processes have been automated and digitized. For example, the infamous old-fashioned noticeboards that are a familiar feature of stairwells in apartment blocks nationwide are now available to app users in electronic form.