More time for patients

Intuitive software for physiotherapists


  • Requirements engineering
  • Software architecture
  • Software development
  • App development


  • iOS
Intuitive software for physiotherapists

The client is an established vendor of software for the healthcare industry, and wanted to enter a new market segment. We were initially tasked with developing the first version of an iPad solution to help therapists manage and streamline their administrative overhead.

For most therapists, admin work ties up a huge amount of time and money. We helped find an effective answer. The product supports appointment planning, management of doctors’ prescriptions, and documentation of treatment – and all tasks can be performed quickly, easily and intuitively on an iPad.

A particular challenge was the client’s desire to enable offline working, with complete synchronization of all data, and the mission-critical need for user-friendly operation. After all, the target group is not typically tech-savvy. At the same time, existing competitor desktop applications were less than satisfactory. So there was a clear gap in the market for a new, step-change product.

After a brief introduction to the specific working practices of this particular user group, we quickly rolled up our sleeves and dived right in – working hand-in-glove with our client to create the very first shippable release of the software. We chose Xamarin as our development platform – which soon proved to be good decision: we were able to implement a pure native user interface with the usual iOS features, and also share code with the back-end – for example for validating doctors’ prescriptions in line with complex statutory healthcare remuneration policies.

The client was extremely happy with our work, which increasingly went beyond technical implementation to include assistance with the design and development of new functions. Following several dozen roll-outs, and with a growing number of satisfied users, we continued to be a key part of the development team for almost five years.