Making a successful solution even better

A CRM system for mobile professionals


  • Requirements engineering
  • Software architecture
  • App development


  • iOS
  • Android
A CRM system for mobile professionals

Our client is a provider of software for the real-estate industry with a proven track record and significant market footprint. We had been collaborating successfully to implement a cloud strategy for some time, when we were asked to create a new application: to make a core product, a Windows-based CRM system, available on smartphones and tablets.

The users were professionals with deep expertise and familiarity with “their software” – often having deployed the product for years. However, the features of the Windows interface could not be simply transferred in their entirety to iOS and Android. So our challenge was to come up with an up-to-date, mobile-ready navigation and interface design that built upon the elements of the desktop world.

We succeeded in creating a modular interface that not only included the existing CRM functions, but also new features such as fully digitally process-driven documentation of apartment lease handovers.